4G WiMAX Services

4G WiMAX Services

fastNet offers High-Speed Broadband Internet Service through 4G WiMAX technology. fastNet’s 4G WiMAX Service is available all over the Juba City; the capital of South Sudan. fastNet’s Registered frequency, highly equipped Network Operation Center (NOC), vast Network Infrastructure and highly skilled technical team offers:

Services offer through fastNet’s 4G WiMAX:

  • Fully Dedicated Internet Service for Large Enterprises, Corporate Users, NGOs and Big Hotels.
  • Shared Internet Service for SME and small Office/Guest Houses.
  • Soho Internet Service for Home/Single Users.
  • Branch to Branch data connectivity.
  • Professionally managed private corporate network which is a customized Virtual Private Network service, completely managed by fastNet. The VPN service allows organizations to connect their sites, sharing information by means of voice and data applications.

Why fastNet 4G WiMAX Service

  • 99.9% Service Uptime.
  • 24x7 ONLINE customer support.
  • Licensed frequency.
  • Noise free, Hack proof, Spam proof, Secure Internet and Data Connectivity.
  • Highly flexible, robust and field proven Wireless Broadband Network connectivity to withstand harsh environmental and extreme temperature conditions.
  • Uninterrupted Service in any weather condition; even during heavy rain/cloud.
  • Cost effective solution that will address both the technical and commercial needs of our customer today and the future due to its stability and robustness.
  • High capacity, high power, small sized and all-in-one-box system.
  • Fast and easy installation & maintenance.
  • Bandwidth sharing in different locations.
  • International standard SLA.