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SME Solutions
fastNet provides wide range of IT equipment for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). fastNet users can get most of the IT equipment, high speed internet and other IT solutions in a reasonable price which makes SME to speed up the business and sustain for long period of time in the market.

Product and Services FAQs

1. What is fastNet Wireless Broadband?
fastNet Broadband is similar to other types of broadband available today, which provide high speed internet access. However, fastNet Broadband is delivered to your computer over a wireless connection. It uses a wireless network consisting of 2 towers across Juba city which communicates over the air, wirelessly to your fastNet modem which is attached to your computer.

What are the benefits of fastNet Wireless Broadband?

  • fastNet WiMAX network initially deployed in juba, anywhere in Juba city you can use you internet,
  • fastNet offers comparative price then others and other Broadband ie: VSAT
  • You can relocate yourself with the same CPE
  • You can enjoy VoIP service local or international
  • Many more…


2. Will fastNet works with a regular laptop?

3. How do I get fastNet Wireless Broadband?
You need to purchase a fastNet modem. You can order calling the fastNet helpdesk on +211 959003002-5. Once you receive the modem and connect it to your computer, then you can start surfing the internet

4. Do I have to sign up for a contract?

5. How do I activate my new fastNet Home service?
fastNet has self installer CPE, Buy one and install it yourself, its as simple as plug and play .

6. How fast fastNet bandwidth speeds?
fastNet offers speeds comparable to cable and others for home and up to 4x faster than you can get with mobile broadband from a cellular company. fastNet supports average download speeds up to 3-6 Mbps and upload speeds up to 2Mbps.

7. Can I use my fastNet service in other cities?
Currently not, hope by end of this year. But we can offer you VSAT

8. How do I order a laptop from
Call fastNet hot line number +211 959003003

9. Can I make WiFi network in my restaurant / office and home compound?

10. How much does fastNet Wireless Broadband cost?
fastNet Broadband has number of monthly plans available for customers with varying data allowances and speeds. You need to pay for the modem and for the monthly plan you have chosen, we also offer a Pre-paid option which lets you pay as you go.

11. Can I change my plan in the middle of the month?
Yes, fastNet internet plans are designed to be simple and flexible. You may change plans once during your billing month, You may change up or down a plan. You will receive a credit or debit on your next bill for the difference in plan charges. For the remaining days of your billing month. Please be aware that the contract terms for your original fastNet plan will stay with you if you switch to another plan.

12. What speeds are offered by fastNet Wireless Broadband?
fastNet Wireless Broadband plans offer great broadband speeds, depending on the plan you have chosen. The plans identify download and upload speeds 'up to' a particular value.

13. Can I use my modem anywhere outside of my home to get a wireless internet connection?
fastNet is portable, so you can move your fastNet Modem and obtain a wireless internet connection virtually everywhere within the juba coverage area*.

Bills and Invoices

14. When does the billing period start?
Your billing period starts on the day fastNet install equipment and each cycle lasts for one month. For example if you subscribe on the 15th day of a month, your billing cycle finishes on the 30th of this month and your next charges will be applied on the 1st.

15. What payment options are available?
Payment for your modem and other bill depends on your choose either Fast Network Ltd bank account of cash to our billing department. All payments are prepaid

16. Do I receive an invoice each month?
Yes. Each month, you will be sent an email notifying you that your new invoice is available for viewing online. This will occur on your billing anniversary date.

No Worries

  • No excess usage charges, so no surprises at the end of the month
  • We are a service provider with friendly local customer support