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SME Solutions
fastNet provides wide range of IT equipment for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). fastNet users can get most of the IT equipment, high speed internet and other IT solutions in a reasonable price which makes SME to speed up the business and sustain for long period of time in the market.
Home Services

Fast Network Engineers/experts have several years of experience to plan install and managing within the fields of ICT, telecommunication Networks. Our services are:

  1. WiMAX
  2. Microwave
  3. Optical fiber
  4. Data Center
  5. Structure Cabling
  6. Data Connectivity
  7. VHF / HF radio system
  8. Software development
  9. Vehicle tracking system
  10. Implementing E-commerce
  11. Satellite phones and airtime
  12. Design and installation of CCTV.
  13. Building convergent IP networks.
  14. ICT Capacity building through Training
  15. UPS and battery supply and installation.
  16. Web site registration and hosting Solution.
  17. Server Configuration (Mail, Proxy, Web Server)
  18. Installation and maintenance of PABX (voice) systems.
  19. Design and implementation of voice and Internet gateways.
  20. Design, installation and maintenance of VoIP (Voice over IP) networks.
  21. Installation of Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).
  22. Broadband Internet service through WiMAX and other field proven technology.
  23. Design and implementation of fiber optic, WiMAX, microwave and VSAT systems.
  24. Implementation of security systems for GSM, LAN, WAN, WiFi and Internet systems.
  25. Analysis and implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software systems.
  26. Analysis and implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software.
  27. All kinds of ICT and telecom consultancy, infrastructure, equipment supply and installation
  28. Corporate Solutions
    fastNet has a wide range of IT equipment and infrastructure building capacity. fastNet provides VPN, Data Service, Website registration and hosting. All kinds of configuration of Firewall and CISCO router and Switch, Structural Cabling, Corporate WiFI, Power Management, VoIP, IP PABX, Branch to Branch connectivity and Managed services.